Argumentative Essay On School Dropout

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School dropout is defined as an act of withdrawal from school before completion of a course. According to a school dropout is defined as a student who withdraws before completing a course of instruction. Can students use factors that influence schooling years to justify the reasons why they dropout of school. There are factors that influence the learners dropping out from school but those factors do not make it right for learners to drop out of school thinking that they can escape from their problems or is it because most of the dropouts do not see the importance of education in their live and how it is relevant to the type of life they lead. We have issues such as Poverty, Parental abuse, Pregnancy, Grade problems, Alcohol …show more content…
If there is no one that is successful in the family a child may feel no need to try an go on with something that has not worked for anyone in the family in this way the is no motivation. The only reason why they went in the first place was because of the guilt they felt for disappointing their parents and for not being obedient children because in the African worldview not doing what elder tell you to do is considered disrespectful and rude. The most common reason why learners/students drop out of school is sadly because of the family being financially unstable basically poverty. This is most visible after matric when learners are at varsity and they don't have registration fees because the amount of money required for registrations can be costly. Even if they are able to save up to the required amount to register students end up facing problems of payment at the end of the year. You find that a student has an outstanding amount of sixty thousand rand and …show more content…
The situation eventually leads to the child being absent from school in a weekly basis and then completely dropping out from school. However students can avoid this kind of treatment or life by going to stay at the student accommodations that are built only for learners.
A major factor that is growing exponentially and leading students and learners to drop out of school is pregnancy. This is one of the factors that get in a female learners way of education. Females are the victims of this unfortunate factor. Female students may discontinue going to school because they feel the pressure of school, having to cope with the pressure of managing being a mother and simultaneously being a student. Having to deal with a the work load of parenting and of being a learner female students seem to thinks it is easier to just forget about school and that makes the school dropouts. Although the majority of this factor is faced by female students it also affects male students when they have to find jobs to provide for their family. The start by finding temporary jobs and then they see that the job doesn't cover their needs either, then end up finding permanent jobs in order to provide for the family and if they work permanent jobs they will not be able to cope with the load of school work and at the same time be breadwinners. Sometimes they female students are

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