Causes Of High School Dropout

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High School Dropouts The High School dropout rate has increased over the years, even more so over the last ten years. From what I understand a multitude of students are dropping out daily. This is a major problem because without a high school diploma, getting a job becomes very difficult and getting a good job with a good quality of life becomes even more difficult than it already is. Some of the causes that more and more teenagers are leaving high school before graduation can be linked to recreational drugs, parental involvement , the school they attended and the student themselves.,

In the last few years recreational drugs have played a huge part in the dropout rate. Such drugs include marijuana, alcohol and the harsher drugs like heroin
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Parents really do play an extremely important role when it comes to high school attendance. The dropouts often times have parents who weren’t engaged or concerned with their academic success. If not encouraged to stay in school, show interest in class, and communicate with teachers if they don’t understand, then they are not going too pay attention in class and do the homework assigned to them. They might see no reason to complete any of the work which leads to horrible grades and failure to …show more content…
Parents (more often than not) blame the teacher because they didn’t keep their child busy or interested, but it’s not the teacher’s fault that some of the students find their classes boring and don’t come back. Sometimes adults forget that teenagers are still kids, and need to be guided to what is expected and good for them. They are still far too young to be mature enough to make life impacting decisions themselves. In the end there is no one thing or person that is to blame for the high school dropout rates, it is a combination of teachers, parents and students all rolled up into one. Many things have to be changed and dealt with before the dropout rates will go own in our

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