Reasons Why Students Dropout In High School

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The life of High School Dropout is serious because many students drop out of school for their own reason.. The attendance of High school Dropout has dropped dramatically and teachers are seeking to help prevent High School Dropout from occurring.Teachers wants us to learn not to just give up on school.High School Dropout is very important to consider and to help prevent it. This is a direct result of the increase of High School Dropout students in many schools. High School Dropout is affecting students because their education would be low , and they wouldn’t have a diploma. In order to prevent this there must be an increase in school attendance, good grades, and would want to learn.

Teen Pregnancy and Parenthood is one of the problems that can cause High School Dropout because they may feel embarrassed about going back to school..They could struggle with fatigue, and could have
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Teachers want us to learn not to fail in life, They want us to success in life, go to college. Teachers can relate your life to the content to make the lessons seem interesting not boring to the students.Teachers should try to atleast keep them engaged/ provide more support for the students. Make the students pair off in groups and make them do fun activities. Students may sometimes feel bored of school so that can be one of the reasons why they would choose to drop out of school. Or they could feel alone with no friends in school and feel like school is not worth it for them. Some students don’t like school because the work may be difficult and that could overwhelm them , he may resent school. Another could be fear of embarrassment that could cause them to hesitate to ask questions in a large class of peers. Also long hours can cause students not to like school because it will seem like it will never end . Students would wonder when does the fun

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