Poverty And Dropout Essay

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Poverty and dropout rates have shown that poverty and the lack of an education deeply affect the lives of many children, and unfortunately, the majority of the time children have no control over these issues that arise in their childhood. Poverty has put children’s lives at risk, causing many damaging issues that affect their health both physically and emotionally. Poverty is the stem of multiple issues, some of which include malnutrition and evictions. It accumulates all of these varying problems that can become overwhelming and difficult to deal with all at once, resulting one to fall deeply into poverty. Once one is in poverty, it becomes difficult to get out, resulting in a cycle that future generations can get stuck in. Dropout is one …show more content…
The issues of poverty and dropout rate have been addressed recently (one example being the No Child Left Behind Act in 2001), however, there is “no one with significant political power [that] is actively pushing the strategy of reducing poverty and income inequality at this time” (Ladd). In order to bring back awareness to the issues, the first step we need to take as a society is to educate ourselves and be certain that we understand the issues and the history behind them. The following step we can take is to actively make the effort to bring these significant issues back into the public conversation. We need to increase awareness in order to get people to understand the very important issues of poverty and dropout rates and the urgency needed to fix them. Some things we can do to heighten awareness can be as simple as signing the petition “to end extreme poverty by the year 2030” or may require more work and effort such as hosting a fundraiser where the proceeds can go to charitable organizations aimed to help disadvantaged children in poverty (refer to fig.1)

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