Poverty And Dropout Rates

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Poverty and dropout rates have shown that poverty and the lack of an education deeply affect the lives of many children, and unfortunately, the majority of the time children have no control over these issues that arise in their childhood. Poverty has put children’s lives at risk, causing many damaging issues that affect their health both physically and emotionally. Poverty is the stem of multiple issues, some of which include malnutrition and evictions. It accumulates all of these varying problems that can become overwhelming and difficult to deal with all at once, resulting one to fall deeply into poverty. Once one is in poverty, it becomes difficult to get out, resulting in a cycle that future generations can get stuck in. Dropout is one …show more content…
One broad approach is to adopt specific school practices that could benefit low-income students such as having smaller classes (Baker, Coley). Extensive studies on having disadvantaged students in smaller classes have been done and the results have consistently been positive. Another study shows that putting low-income students in charter schools also has a positive feedback. They are able to get more attention and are given a variety of resources such as tutoring. Although the studies have shown effective ways to reduce the dropout rate and encourage students to stay in school, the programs do have a cost that makes this solution difficult to obtain. Nonetheless, these solutions are still possibilities to consider. Trying to get schools to reduce class sizes and providing easier access to charter schools would be a bold approach, but with the help of the government, it is possible that education for the youth in poverty can be funded properly. Funding is limited, but if government spending is allocated correctly, then we may see a lasting …show more content…
Proper housing is a necessity and people who do not have a proper place to live can struggle to care for themselves and the others (ex. their children or relatives) around them. Housing should be “a human right” (Katel). A possible solution to consider as previously mentioned is to get the federal government involved. Homelessness is an issue across the states (and the world) and will take the power of the government to alleviate the issue. Many people become homeless or gets evicted from their home due to the high cost of housing. Some homes are costly even if they are not in good conditions. The need for an expansion of affordable housing is imperative. If we recognize and understand housing to be a human right, then that along with “the pressure created by the shortage of affordable housing [will] force the government to fill the gap”

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