High School Athletes Should Not Be Legal Essay

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Schools around the country are finding there is not enough room in their budgets to support athletics. One way to support these athletics is charging student athletes to play in their sport. I believe all schools should institute these “pay-to-play” policies. These policies are needed because money could be spent on more important things, schools simply do not have the funding, and less students would quit their sport. But, schools should still give some funding to athletics and these fees should not affect playing time. Also, these fees students pay should not be an absurd amount.

Forcing high school athletes to pay for participation in athletic events is a valuable decision in many forms. But, these fees for taking part in athletic events should not be an insane amount of money. Lots of schools are finding that a large participation fee is causing numbers for sports to drop. With a smaller fee, schools will see that participation numbers will not decrease, and the fee will help with the funding. At Seattle, Washington’s Roosevelt High School, students pay a smaller fee of $50 for one sport, $25 for the second, and nothing for the third (Cerling & Herman, "2007"). These fees are much more feasible for parents who cannot pay the larger fees. Also, some families with verifiably low income can get exempt from these fees. Also, some cases have been reported of schools forcing parents to pay unheard of amounts of money for their student to play in sporting…

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