Essay on High School And Middle School

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Throughout High school and Middle school I always preferred writing to sitting

down and reading a book. Elementary school was a time of exploring both reading and

writing so at that point in time I did a lot of both. When I was younger I enjoyed reading

for the images on the pages and also the ones that were created in my head. My mother,

Lisa, and father, Mark, would take turns reading bedtime stories to my sister, Amanda,

and me to expose us to new language and literature. Sometimes Amanda and I would

read the stories to each other too so that we could learn to read ourselves. A Helms family

tradition we do each year on Christmas Eve is read “Twas the Night before Christmas”

aloud in our living room by the fireplace while surrounded by our three dogs. This

tradition started when I was very young and sometimes I required help pronouncing

words but my older siblings were more than willing to assist me. My most memorable

Christmas reading was when it began snowing while I read the final pages of the story.

As an excited little girl I ran outside screaming and shouting and sticking my tongue out

to catch the snowflakes on my tongue.

My older siblings were very influential when it came to my reading and writing.

My brother is seven years older than me and always pushed me to be as great as I could

at everything I tried. He made me practice basketball and soccer with him after dinner

virtually every night until I was in about sixth grade. The same way he pushed…

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