High School And College Are Two Incredibly Different Environments

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High school and college are two incredibly different environments. College forces you to grow up and to have a different perspective on life and, high school prepares you for the social norms that come along with it. Young adults begin to strive for the different lifestyles that they’ve never experienced because college allows them to see what can become. Goals change once students strive for a higher education. High school does not as nearly the same amount of people determined to change their life. Problem solving and inventive skills are what you need to strive in college. For an example people are struggling to find an income so they start small campus businesses that help them earn enough money to take care of their needs and wants.

As a freshman at a collegiate institute I have some peers that come to college with fixed mindsets and carry on their year with a growth mindset. The reality that everything you want is something you will have to work for. Money is the main reason why people are putting their hobbies and talents into little businesses on campus. The cause for this is their current reality. Being away from home can make you feel two ways The first way is that It can show you that Independence requires a lot of sacrifice and I you may want to go home but you can also figure out that the freedom motivates you to do everything possible to be able to move out of your parents’ house when you graduate college. You start to see that college isn’t only about…

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