High Cost Of College Tuition Essay

1882 Words Oct 22nd, 2015 8 Pages
The first sentence of Kunal Jasty’s Radioopensource.org article, “Where Does All That Money Come From”, states that the average cost of college tuition is now higher than “the income of 99% of Americans” (Jasty). College education is the backbone of many different careers, and without it certain skill sets would be more inaccessible to the public, causing an interference of learning and opportunity. In more recent times, however, quality of education isn’t the main focus for students, or in the eyes of marketing, consumers, but attention is also focused on college athletics such as football, basketball, hockey, and more. Meanwhile, colleges installing the latest, greatest eye catching piece of expensive recreational fun make headlines as people speculate on how colleges have come to the point where tuition is nearly unobtainable for the average person’s income. It’s all because tuition money makes up a part of every colleges’ budget, and seen through evidence funding of certain expenses is rising no matter what economic situation is happening within or outside the college environment. The main factors of overspending are based on the funding of sports, amenities, and advertising to attract students to apply; however a consequence out of these actions only brings an increase in tuition.
Sports have always been heavily embedded in our culture, so to no surprise it is bound to have a connection in college recreation all over the country. To put it in Donna Desrochers’ words,…

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