Essay about Hidden Lack Of A Disability Is Like A Bruise On An Apple

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Hidden Transparency A disability is like a bruise on an apple. Sometimes it is evident, sometimes it is hidden. Consider Claire Hovey; she has arthritis – a hidden disability affecting one’s joints. Claire used to think of “pain as a hurdle” (Hovey, 2015); thus when diagnosed, she expected to tackle pain “with grace and poise” (Hovey, 2015) managing it silently (Hovey, 2015). However, self-doubt and fictional comparison brought negative psychological effects (Hovey, 2015) and she soon realized that neither were beneficial for her daily rehabilitation (Hovey, 2015). In contrast, Robert Ward lives with learning disabilities and a speech impediment – also hidden. For him, there was no diagnostic point; instead the learning curve came as he realized how and why he was different from others. He did not like who he was; he was bitter and “angry at God” (Ward, 2007), questioning why he was created this way. This lack of acceptance and understanding caused him to face many psychological and physiological challenges apart from learning trials including self-doubt and speech therapy (Ward, 2007). Both individuals have hidden disabilities that are transparent only at certain times. Likewise, both face challenges regarding ongoing rehabilitation, psychological treatment models, and finding a positive locus of control. At this time, the only treatment for arthritis is pain medication. Thus, Claire used “experience, literature, and pain management courses” (Hovey, 2015) as coping…

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