Herzog Memorial Hospital Case Study Essay

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Herzog Memorial Hospital Case Study

Group Member:
Arifa Akhter Nitol: 260532844
Daniela Campo: 260462469
ShiPeng Chen: 260526665
Zhenzhou Wu: 260496298
Zhenxuan Zhou: 260510679

Question 1 Pareto diagram of the positive comments for all ten categories

Question 2 Pareto diagram of the negative comments for all ten categories

Question 3
The patients’ comments support the score of HCAHPS. Out of 75 negative comments, 33 of them address the issue of noisiness while only 1 out of 17 positive comments support the statement that area around the room is quiet at night. Therefore, it is evident that the HCAHPS claim on why Herzog Memorial Hospital has low satisfaction is valid.
Question 4
1. Facilities: includes all issues
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Last but not least, patients should be provided with headphones and should be strongly advised to use them while watching TV; this way his or her roommate will be able to rest comfortably. Secondly, the room temperatures are to be maintained strictly at around 23 degrees. Since many of the patients have different preferences for room temperatures, extra blankets and fans should be provided to them in order to stay comfortable. Another vital concern is cleanliness which can be maintained by implementing some simple but strict regulations. Firstly, a structured cleaning schedule should be made for both rooms and washrooms. It needs to be made sure that sheets and curtains get washed once a week, as well as when there is a change of patients. Lastly, medical machines also need to be regularly cleaned and disinfected. The biggest issues that patients have with visitors and family is the amount of noise they make as well as the lack of space in the room for them. In order to solve the problem regulations have to be put in place for visitors to lower their voice so that they do not disturb the roommate. Additionally, there should be a limit on the number of visitors allowed in at a time. Having this limit will temporarily solve the problem of space, and will also reduce the amount of people talking at a time and therefore decrease noise levels. Discharge is another big problem at the hospital due to the length of the process and the lack of information

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