Heart Disease : A Popular Issue Among Immigrants Of The Dominican

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Heart disease also known as Cardiovascular ailment is a popular issue among immigrants of the Dominican population in New York City. There are several other health issues, which are in the family of Heart Disease such as Coronary Artery Disease, High Blood Pressure (Hypertension), Cardiac Arrest, Congestive Heart Failure, Arrhythmia, and Stroke, and there are lots of others but these are the most common. The most prevalent Dominican dish is usually eaten during breakfast and consist of “mangu," which is boiled green plantains, mashed, served with four sides, which are fried eggs, Dominican salami, Spanish sausage, and fried cheese. To down this heavy meal, a glass of “morir soñando," which means to "die dreaming" is made up of orange juice and milk which is then sweetened to taste with sugar. This meal alone provides 1,332 calories with the drink included and can be found anywhere in the Washington Heights region of New York. City. The typical Dominican dish is high in calories, which can thus explain why Heart Disease is the leading cause of death among the Dominican community.
The biggest centralization of the Dominican populace is situated in New York State. This ailment in New York City is the cause of one-hundred seventy-seven deaths among the Dominican people with Cancer following behind with one-hundred twenty-eight deaths from 2001 through 2003. In the past decade, hospitalizations for heart disease has increased by ten percent and in contrast, the death rate in…

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