Essay about Healthy Sun Exposure And Sunscreen 's Role

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Defining healthy sun exposure and sunscreen’s role

Most cancer rates are decreasing, whereas skin cancer continues to steadily increase as it has for the past decades (Saraiya et al. 422). The three most common skin cancers are squamous-cell, basal-cell and melanoma carcinomas. Squamous-cell and basal-cell carcinomas are grouped as non-melanoma cancers. Family history and genetic disorders increases the risk of forming cancer; however, estimates place excessive sun exposure as causing as much as 90% of all melanoma diagnosis (Saraiya et al. 423).
Highly accessible, simple and effective measures recommended to limit exposure include avoiding the sun during peak hours, wearing protective clothing and using appropriate sunscreen (Saraiya et al. 424). Of these measures, sunscreen is recommended as a last resort. However, it has become the most relied upon protection (Saraiya et al. 424).
A UK survey found most people state sunscreen as the most important sun protection measure; however people who usually wore SPF 15 or greater were found to have a higher incidence of sunburn than people who rarely or never use sunscreen (Diffey 105). In addition to this overreliance, it was found that the way in which it is used results in a much lower sun protection factor (SPF) than what is stated on the label (Diffey 106). Consequently, sunscreen has been suggested as a contributing factor to the rising skin cancer rates (Diffey 107).
There appears to be a general misunderstanding…

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