Healthy Pregnant Women Should Undergo Child Bearing Essay examples

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You’re having a baby! This is a powerful statement to most recipients. Planned or unplanned pregnancy, their lives are changing and this can be quiet a stressful situation. Prenatal care helps upcoming parents prepare for such event making sure mom and baby are healthy and ready for the big event, child bearing. With my personal experience and diligent research, I understand the importance of this topic to any individual involved in child bearing. Child bearing is not a matter to be taken lightly and definitely requires extensive research to make the right decision for expecting mom and baby. In this paper I will argue that healthy pregnant women should undergo child bearing in a birthing center, compare to the more traditional hospital setting method, because it’s a patient-centered environment, there are lower possibilities of a hospital acquire infection and its cost effective.
A birth center, as defined by the American Association of Birth Centers, AABC, is “a home-like setting where care providers, usually midwives, provide family-centered care to healthy pregnant women” (Dekker). Birth centers are either free standing, meaning they operate and are located outside a hospital, or they are located inside the hospital but continue to operate under the standards of a birthing center away from the Labor and Delivery unit. Their methods for child bearing are very different to those conventional hospital methods. There is no administration of any kind of pain…

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