Essay about Healthy Lifestyle Choices And Choices

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Lifestyle choices, such as nutritional eating, being physically active, and moderately drinking alcohol are all healthy choices. All of these things are considered health enhancing behaviors; which influence our physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual selves (Hayden 2009). The sole purpose of this paper is to reflect on my current health behaviors and choices, whether positive or negative to my health.

In the world today many people have developed habits of unhealthy eating. They are prone to eating unealthy because of the easy access to unhealthy foods. Not realizing the food you eat has an affect on the health of your body and can cause many risks. The foods you eat, the time you go to bed and how much body activity you get throughout the day also play a huge role, and an influence on your life. No matter what behaviors positively or negatively they all affects you and dictates the overall state of your health. Developing a plan to a healthier lifestyle will help you make better choices and will protect you from chronic health problems, such as diabetes. Creating that healthy lifestyle is a daily package of measures, which consists of a proper exercising, balanced diet, avoiding harmful habits, positive and balanced view of the world. Staying healthy is a way of life and style and people should want to consume healthy eating daily.
What are your current healthy behaviors?
Recently I made a drastic change and decided to transform my…

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