Effects Of Religion On Mental Health

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Religion is a conversational topic in the mental health care field today. Some professionals believe that religion effects mental health in a positive way, other professionals believe that religion affects mental health in a negative way. It’s hard to decide which side is right, because there’s a lot of “expectation to the rules,” when it comes to religion and mental health.
Whenever we think of someone who considers themselves to be religiously orientated we normally don’t think of people in mental hospitals or just someone who has poor mental health. The reason we don’t associate mental illness and religion is because people of religious faith normally have good mental health. Religion has a positive correlation with good mental health,
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Most religions tell their followers that premarital sex and drinking are bad for you and that your higher power doesn’t want you do these things. Why doesn’t our higher power want you do bad things? Simply because it’s bad for your health. A healthy lifestyle has a positive correlation with good mental health (Thinking Faith).
On the flip side, what if religion can have a negative impact on your mental health? What if religion isn’t all that it’s crack up to be, and can have a negative correlation with good mental health? There is research that shows that religion can do the adverse, and actually cause someone to have poor mental health. There are many reasons that religion can negatively affect our mental health, including: religion tends to spark a sense of guilt, anxiety and stress, people can develop avoidant coping methods and patients may rely on religion to help treat their illness.
(Religion and Spirituality) Religions often teach of the punishment a higher power will give to you if you do something against your higher power’s word. For example, Christianity teaches that if two men have sexual intercourse that Hell will be their punishment. These teachings can often cause feelings of guilt and condemnation. If these feelings are too intense they can send someone into major

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