Healthy Eating Lesson Plan

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The early years of a child’s life are absolutely crucial to how they receive and process information about lifelong behaviors, attitudes, and morals. During this time they are more receptive to learning new idea, concepts, and suggestions. Eduardo, a new teachers assistant should have taken all of these things into perspective when he was planning a healthy eating lesson for a class of 4 year olds. The lesson included a grocery store role play activity, books about food that the children could read, and a MyPlate sorting activity. The children seemed to really enjoy the grocery store, and book reading, but they failed to become engaged in the MyPlate sorting activity. Eduardo should have considered how appropriate the lesson was for this age group, and what learning objectives he could have …show more content…
Yes, it was partially effective due to the first two activities that appealed to the children’s amusement, but overall it failed to teach the children the importance of healthy eating. The MyPlate activity was an isolated activity which is typically quickly forgotten in a child’s mind. The activity wasn’t very concise, and didn’t have a flow of how to actually teach the children how vital healthy eating is to growth as far as I can tell. It is kind of hard to determine without proper explanation of how the lesson was evaluated. Therefore, in order to combat this some realistic learning objectives Eduardo could have used would be teaching the children where food comes from, and what foods contribute to a healthy growth in comparison to the grocery activity, the books, and even the MyPlate activity. Eduardo could have also managed to include science, math, or even outdoor play that reflects healthy eating, and growth. Just like dramatic play, and language arts each of these contributes to helping with a child’s retention and motivation (Marotz

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