Healthcare Systems : A Very Complex And Important Today 's Society

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Healthcare systems is a very complex and important to today’s society. It has made a huge impact for many years and without healthcare systems, society would not be the same. Two major milestones in that history of healthcare I feel are important is the Accordable Care Act, (ACA) of 2010. Many employed individuals did not have insurance because it was not mandatory for state’s employers to offer health insurance to them. Therefore, due to economic restriction, some employers did not offer it and employees were not required to have health insurance (Fahrenholz, Documentation for Health Care Records). Consequently, the ACA is a health care reform that is an expansion of health insurance, which assists in protecting the uninsured, those without private or public health insurance coverage. The main objective of the ACA is to reduce the number of uninsured. Another major milestone that is important in the history of healthcare is called Medicare. President Johnson signed the Medicare program into law, and is a program for the elderly who are 65 and over and certain disabled individuals (Fahrenholz, Documentation for Health Care Records). It provides low-cost health insurance coverage to many of Americans that is in need. These are the two milestones in the history of healthcare among the many that the U.S has made. There are many major types of healthcare providers and organizations around the world. If there wasn’t healthcare providers and organizations, healthcare systems…

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