Healthcare And The United States Healthcare System Essay

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Healthcare around the World When it comes to healthcare in the United States, it is very important to determine which healthcare plan would best fit your family needs. So what about healthcare in other countries, such as, Cuba, Switzerland, and South Africa? Does their healthcare differ from the United States healthcare system? There are so many things I have discovered about each country. Healthcare systems are designed to restore and/or maintain health. Cuba and Switzerland have universal healthcare systems. Depending on which country you live in will determine whether healthcare is free or not. As I research these three countries, I have discovered that the lack of technology, the cost of healthcare coverage, and the population all factors into how the healthcare systems work around the world.
So what countries offer free healthcare? Cuba is among the three countries that offers free healthcare. According to the national geographic Cuba’s population is an estimation of 11.2 million people (Geographics). With the limited about of economic resource, the doctors’ main focus is on how to prevent people from developing communicable diseases. Even though Cuba lacks healthcare technology, they were able to create a healthcare system Called MGI. Medicina General Integral or MGI is a technology system Cubans use. The system is designed to help families stay healthy. Cuban doctors live among their communities, if a person needs acute or chronic care they can see a community…

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