Healthcare Administration Essay

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Title: Health care administration

Name: Ruth A Bennett

Institution: LA College International

Course: A_082211_BM244_HCA211X_ v1.3_1

Tutor: John Jemison

Date: October 5, 2011

Health care administration

Employees who have an exercise program on site perform better than employees without an on site exercise program. Employees who have an exercise program on site have the ability to last longer on the job as opposed to employees without an on site exercise program. This is mainly attributed to the overall fitness of the employees. For an employee to produce quality results, it is important to maintain fitness in all areas. The employee should be fit
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With increased exercise, the level of efficiency is increased and the energy levels increase. Some of the benefits of increased stamina can be noted from the manner breathing and heart rate. The rate at which the body is able to return to the normal rates of the heart and breathing rate are improved by exercise. This is important for the circulatory system, the breathing system, and the brain. On site exercise programs are important as they ensure that the kind of exercise being conducted improves stamina.

Employees who are involved in on site exercise activities stay longer on the job because they have advanced protection from diseases. On site exercise activities ensure that the participants are prevented from the different diseases. The normal human body is designed in a manner that makes it naturally crave for exercise. The exercise program provides the body with the necessary physical and mental health. This is important in ensuring that good health is maintained and that work is not interrupted. People who exercise regularly rarely fall ill. This ensures that the productivity levels are maintained at high levels. The risk of diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease are greatly minimized through regular exercise. An onsite exercise program will ensure that the various employees are provided by a way through which they can prevent themselves from diseases as well as ensuring that the company does

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