Health Promotion Essay

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Health Promotion Review of Literature

Optimum health is an important resource for personal, social and economic development.
The goal of achieving optimum health for all is only imaginable by the joint effort of not only the health sector but also government and non-governmental organizations, media and for the most part individuals and the community. Health promotion emphases on accomplishing parity in health and its deed targets at dropping variances in present-day health status and safeguarding equal opportunities and resources to empower all individuals to attain their fullest wellbeing. The focus of health promotion has flourished from disease prevention to promoting wellness and improving living standards.
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Nurse’s role has and will keep on changing and with the introduction of the new Affordable Care Act (ACA) this demand for change has drastically increased. Nurses have a chief obligation in the delivery of health promotion, preventive, health screening educational programs and services. They support the patients to learn and also how to adjust to self-care strategies . They are accountable in having essential knowledge and skills regarding health promotion, risk reduction and disease prevention. Nursing practice involves many different areas and health promotion can be implemented in all those areas whether it is in a hospital, community, mental health, school health and home health. In hospital nurses promote health with health education beginning during admission continuing through hospital stay and all the way to discharge. In community nurses are responsible in educating and promoting healthy life styles and educating about resources available to promote health and prevent disease. In mental health setup educating patients and families about preventing managing psychiatric emergencies and providing information about available resources and monitoring progress of treatment and follow up. In home health setup the nurse ensures that the patients and families are educated about meeting health care needs at home thereby reducing the

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