Health Promotion and Research Essay

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Health Promotion and Research Annual Assignment – Part B.
Health Promotion and Research.

Naidoo and Wills (2009) identified five approaches to health promotion, these are medical, behavioural change, empowerment, educational and social policy. Each of the above approaches are important, relevant ways for a nurse to promote good health and healthy living for service users in their care. However, this assignment chooses to focus on three of the five approaches in particular, the Medical, Empowerment and Educational approaches. (Green and Kreuter, 1999) state that health promotion is "any combination of educational and environmental supports for actions and conditions of living conducive to health" and so this assignment
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Through this system, they will have the support of the nurse and other necessary health care professionals the whole way through the process. (Marchinko & Clarke,2011) “To work toward empowerment, not only must the client be at the center of service planning, but a shift in responsibility for some of the coordination of services to the client must also occur for self-management to be achieved This is seen widely in mental health nursing, and with the introduction of the Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN) and Home Care nurses, service users are able to carry out their normal routines, and yet have the constant support and help of their nursing team. This type of nursing, and approach to health promotion means that consumers of mental health services are able to stay at home, and still able to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This suits people who are long enduring sufferers of illnesses, but are not experiencing a crisis particularly well. During these times, it is unnecessary for them to be admitted to hospital, therefore spending their time, at home or at work, as normal is more appropriate. It is also better for the service user themselves, as they feel that they have the power and the ability to do everything they need to do, but will always have support when things don't go to plan, or they're experiencing symptoms of their illness.

The educational approach to health promotion involves the teaching role of a nurse that Peplau

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