Health Promotion Proposal Essay

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Aim :To empower first time mothers who choose to breastfeed, to initiate and sustain breastfeeding exclusively for at least 3 months.
This aim is appropriate to the identified health need of empowering the first time mothers by offering them active breastfeeding support, because, by helping the mothers to acquire skills the practitioners are using their own power(power-over) to help the first time mothers gain power (power-from- within).( Laverack 2009) Health promotion is enabling people to gain control over their lives. ( World Health Organisation 1986, in and Naidoo and Wills 2009).
This aim is appropriate for the first time mothers who choose to breastfeed because it has been established that first time
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It takes a holistic approach taking into consideration factors like personal choices social and environmental forces that can set limits on change. Bandura(1997), in Munro et al.(2007),suggests that human functioning is too multifaceted to fit into separate, discrete stages and argues that stage thinking could constrain the scope of change-promoting interventions. The model specifies how interventions can be targeted for different populations with different needs and in different circumstances (Davies and Macdowall, 2009).
Theory of reasoned action is based on the premise that humans are rational(Family health international, 2002). The cognitive structures, which are the behavioural and the normative beliefs influence the attitudes and the subjective norms respectively. The attitudes and the norms, in turn shape the person’s intention to perform a behaviour according to....... , a person's intention remains the best indicator that the desired behaviour will occur.
Beatties(1991) model of health education presents four paradigms of health promotion( Naidoo and Wills 2009). Persuasion which is expert led and is directed towards individuals, Activities include advice and information. Legislative action is also expert led but interventions are directed to the protection of the community. Activities include policy work, lobbying. The third paradigm is the personal counselling which is client led and the focus is on personal development the health promoter

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