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Spreading the Message
Diabetes is leading cause of death as well as it is the leading cause of the serious long-term health risks and diseases, including heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, limb amputations, and adult blindness ( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2011). Healthy diet can decrease the incidence of Type 2 diabetes, as well as it can control the glycemic level in diabetic patients (CDC, 2011). The targeted objective of this health promotion project is improving the glycemic control through healthier diet for persons with diabetes. The healthy diet includes higher intake of dietary fiber, and lower intakes of dietary fat and carbohydrate.
Health communication Health communication
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The program will offer group educational classes and individualized counseling sessions. During these sessions, patients will be encouraged to identify their personal causes for change, to set particular dietary goals, and recognize strategies for reaching them.
Media Advocacy The media advocacy plays an important role to promote health and cultural development. Understanding the needs and wants of the target audience and their lifestyles will help in effective engagement with them. The strategies for increase the public support to effective health policy could include the goal, the target and the message. The target population of this health program is the adult in the Staten Island city. According to Richmond University Medical Center’s survey (2013), about 55% of individuals in Staten Island, citing lack of knowledge as obstacles to improve health in the Staten Island city. Therefore, using the local media to increase the awareness of the healthy diet for diabetic person in the city is
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I agree that understanding believes and the culture of the target audience will help in effective engagement with them. The consideration of the culture and religious believe of in the African American community will help your program to develop effective strategies to overcome these barriers for counseling and testing.
I absolutely agree that mass media can increase the awareness of the significance of the prevalence of child maltreatment. I think the media tactic is the most important tactic in your health program because your target audiences are the teen mother and teen father. Currently, the role of media in youth life is very significant and it may result in important trends in youth activities, attitudes, and behaviors. Additionally, using the local school media to spread the message of healthy parenting seems very useful.
Our environment does not support the healthy diet modification. Fast-food is sold in every corner, the unhealthy food advertising on television, and candies at the checkout counter of any store. Fatty and sugary foods are taste good and cost less than healthier diets. We need to establish policies that promote healthier foods and behaviors in our community, and policy makers have to look at this from a public health

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