Health Center Is A Nursing Home Essay

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I chose to volunteer at Lakeview Heath Center this semester. Lakeview Health Center is a Nursing Home in West Salem. Lakeview Health Center provides specialized long term care and rehabilitation for adults with special behavior or mental health needs. I believe that Lakeview Health Center will provide a good volunteer experience relating to the field of psychology. There are multiple ways that Lakeview Health Center will enhance my understanding of psychology-related topics. Three ways I envision Lakeview enriching my understanding of mental health, the process of socialization and altruism. Along with developing a better understanding of the field of psychology, I have a lot I want to get out of my experience at Lakeview Health Center.
While at Lakeview I will have the opportunity of working with many of the individual in long-term care there. I will have the opportunity to work with individuals with an array of diagnoses and disorders. These may range from anxiety disorder to dementia. I think that working with these individuals I will get a better understanding of the effects the individual experiences in everyday life. I learned about different disorders and diagnoses in Abnormal Psychology last spring. It is difficult to imagine what everyday life is like with these disorders. I hope to gain a better understanding and observe their everyday encounters. Mental Health can have a huge impact on both the quality of life and the outlook on life for an individual. While at…

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