Health Care Organizations ( Hcos ) Essay examples

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According to Health Tech Report (2015), the main objective within today’s health care organizations (HCOs) is to improve patient experience, elevate the quality of care, and secure sensitive data, while consumers and providers continue to set high standards in terms of expectations and performance. The millennial generation plays a pragmatic role within the competiveness and performance effectiveness of health care Information Technology (IT) systems due to their major impact and use of technology, with 75% of the population reporting online reviews and the ability to book appointments and pay bills online are important when selecting a physician (Health Tech Report, 2015). With strategic leadership from the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), HCOs can use their expertise to assist with employee and patient satisfaction, enable developing technologies, prevent misuse of information and protect data privacy, train providers in technology use, and provide best practices for effective IT alignment and strategic planning, in efforts to overall improve processes within systems.
The positions of the CIO and CTO are essential in order for efficient and effective competiveness and performance to occur within HCOs. IT plays a key function in reshaping and redefining innovation, while CIOs and CTOs are deeply involved in these technology decisions (Health Tech Report, 2015). According to Tan (2015), the fundamental responsibilities and key…

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