Health Care Centers Are Institutions For The Elderly Essay

1091 Words Nov 29th, 2016 5 Pages
Health care centers are institutions for the elderly needing certain accommodations along with nurses and practitioners assisting in healthcare services. Social workers are highly needed due to the amount of incoming patients and patients who will be discharger. Although I have other agencies I am interested in, I thought to seek an agency that my mother works at and get a closer look inside to see how they run their facility. Sara Kachor is a BSW at Heartland Health Care Center located in Fort Myers, Florida, which whom I did my interview with and discussed her views and duties on the daily. Kachor has been a social worker for numerous years. She is well known and is extremely bright around Southwest Florida. In 2011, she was SWFL Social Worker of the Year by NASW FL Southwest Unit. Kachor has not only worked at Heartland Health Care Center but in pervious years she had dedicated her time to Shell Point Retirement Communities and other agencies as well. I believe that she was a great individual to interview due to the amount of work she has done in this community. To get not only information from her but to get a better look and opinion from someone who has done many things. She even offered if I would like to do my internship there she would be glad to have me, which I thought that was awfully kind of her to do that. During the interview I asked a handful of questions from what was provided and ones I could think of from the top of my head. Kachor primarily serves from…

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