Health Care And Rehabilitation Center Essay

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Internship Site Beneva Lakes Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center is an inpatient skilled nursing facility that is owned and operated under Consulate Health Care. Consulate Health Care is a national leading provider of senior healthcare services, specializing in post-acute care (Home - Consulate Health Care). “Providing Service with Our Hearts and Hands” is the mission statement that drives the core values of the organization. Today, Consulate Health Care is the sixth largest provider in the nation and the largest senior healthcare provider in the state of Florida. As Ambassadors of Care, the success in achieving the Mission requires that the core values be applied not only to the residents and families, but just as importantly to one another and to the communities they serve (Home - Consulate Health Care). The Core Values of Consulate Health Care include: Compassion, “a deep awareness of the suffering of another and the desire to alleviate it”; Honesty, “the quality of being fair and truthful”; Respect, “a high regard and esteem for others”; Integrity, “doing my job to the best of my ability even when no one is looking”; and Passion, “a strong enthusiasm for and devotion to out mission of “Providing Service with Our Hearts and Hands” (Home - Consulate Health Care). Consulate Health Care is committed to providing the highest standards of ethics, conduct and compliance and their philosophy is simple: “Do the Right Thing, Every Time, All the Time” (Home - Consulate Health…

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