Health Benefits At A Theatre Programme On Quality Of Life Among Older Adults With Chronic Conditions

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There are many health benefits to engaging in leisurely activities. This paper will discus how these activities not only help to maintain physical and social health, but they also give the participant a sense of purpose, and allow them to develop new skills and independence. Leisure activities are important for both those with and without disabilities. Experiences vary from person to person and different leisurely activities are important to different people. Leisure activities such as sports and recreation help to maintain physical health while activities such as theater and crafting help to maintain cognitive and social health. In the article “Impact of Participation in a Theatre Programme on Quality of Life among Older Adults with Chronic Conditions: A Pilot Study,” participants enrolled in a six week acting class (Yuen, Mueller, Mayor & Azuero, 2011). Each acting class began with a warm up, which helped to maintain physical and social health. The participants had to complete exercises such as mirroring, maintaining eye contact, and also were required to complete a series of dance moves (Yuen et al., 2011). Interacting with others on a different level allowed them to improve their social health in many ways. Leisure activities such as sports and recreation also help to maintain physical and social health. For example, Northeast Passage has a cycling program, which allows participants to gain muscle and maintain a healthy body while interacting with others and making…

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