Essay on Health and Social Care - Service User Needs

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Primary Data
Identify the needs of the person who uses services – relate this to PIES
AO4 – A3
How does the Derby Health Service meet the needs of Sophie?
Individual service users have a range of needs, which must be met, including physical, intellectual, emotional ad social needs. In my case study, a care worker, a nurse and a doctor who in turn identified Sophie’s range of needs carried out Sophie’s care assessment. They then developed a plan to meet Sophie’s needs. This next section covers a range of approaches used in Health and Social Care to help services and practitioners meet the needs of individuals.
An analysis of how practitioners meet the needs of Sophie and her family
Physical Health
Firstly, Sophie’s strengths and
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Intellectual Health
The workers focused on her aspirations and ambitions in her confidence and progress was monitored and measured. Also Sophie’s understanding of reasoning and problem solving and her progress and achievement in learning was assessed and recorded.
Emotional Health
It was also important for Sophie to be raised in an emotionally warm and stable environment ensuring that the family was stable, affectionate, stimulating, where praise and encouragement and secure attachments were made. It was also necessary to make sure that Sophie had guidance, boundaries and stimulation and that self-control was encouraged and that she showed positive behavior. Finally, it was checked to see is Sophie’s family provided effective and appropriate discipline, avoiding over-protection and support for positive activities.
Approached Used to Support Sophie’s Health and Well-being
Treating diseases and illnesses at an early stage can improve outcomes. In the case of Sophie’s, Health and Social Care workers were aware that service users have social, intellectual and emotional needs and Sophie was supported at an early stage to make an informed choice about the treatment that was offered. In addition, a holistic approach was used which took into account of the whole needs of Sophie. By assessing all areas of Sophie’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social personal health, the practitioners involved helped

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