What´s The Social Model Of Disability?

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In this essay, I plan to answer the above question by clearly defining each topic mentioned within the question, before going onto explain how, when put altogether these can help care practitioners create enabling environments for individuals. In brief the social model of disability is the idea that it is the way society is organised that disables individuals, and as such, assistive technology is what allows these individuals to perform tasks they would usually be unable to do. By doing so this creates environment’s which are enabling to them instead of disabling them.
The social model of disability proposes that people with impairments are only inhibited from everyday activities because of barriers that include the environment around them, the attitudes of other people as well as the cultural and ideological ideas of society. (The Open University, 2014, pp 21-23) Environmental barriers such as the way a building was designed
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This could include having a wet room fitted, with height appropriate utilities for the user, as seen in Video 9.1 (The Open University, 2016) or redesigning your house to meet the needs of those living with you, by adding adaptations such as a ramp, or a stair lift as Bertie did (Peace et al, 2006, pp 54-55).
Understanding both the social model of disability and what assistive technology is, can allow us to begin to understand how to create enabling environments. If it is the environment that disables an individual the most, by providing assistive technology you are enabling the individual thus creating an enabling environment. By considering the individuals needs first and by working in partnership with them, you can create a home environment that benefits them.
As a care

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