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Reflection Paper: A True Story of Birth, Rebirth, and Everyday Magic by Martha Beck
The memoir, “Expecting Adam” by Martha Beck focused on how the social, medical and spiritual model relates to Adam, son of Martha and John who has down syndrome. Both young parents of one and expecting another, graduate school at Harvard isn’t the only thing that is stressful in either one of their lives. When Martha discovered she was pregnant, it was different this time around versus when she was pregnant with her now a toddler Katie. John taking a job in Singapore and being away from Martha, who is juggling being a mother, assistant teacher and a student begins to experience what she called miracles.
The Spiritual Model
The spiritual model is similar to
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According to Simply Psychology, those who support the medical model take into consideration the symptoms of signs that are part of a physical disorder as well, and both are grouped into a syndrome. The model has also been more adopted by psychiatrists rather than a psychologist. In regards to disability, the medical model perceives a disability as a problem or issues that actually belongs to the individual that is disabled. In regards to the medical model, it is not seen as a problem to be a concern to anyone other than the person itself. A good example to represent that would be, if a person has a wheelchair the reason why they are not able to get into the building is because of the wheelchair itself, not the staircase. This model is based on the beliefs that the individual with the disability should invest either their own time or money to make sure it is not an inconvenience to anyone. The example from the book I would say that related to the social model is when the nurse practitioner had called Martha herself and told her the results from the amniocentesis test and that she was carrying a child with down syndrome. The nurse also asked Martha if she was still considering to keep the pregnancy. “I want you to know that this was not a decision made out of ethical principles. I was going on sheer emotions. If I had been one of those women whose pregnancies progress smoothly and easily, I …show more content…
It is overall a model that has the desirability to have those who are disabled be able to be more accepted in the world. As well, as to have equal opportunities in participating in activities. It is the society that disables the individual, not the disability itself. The social model in contrast to the medical model would perceive the staircase of the building to be as the disabling barrier to the individual with the wheelchair. The social model focuses more on the society that is what disables people. Overall the society is the one in control who can actually make a difference in reducing and eventually removing the barriers between a disabled person versus a “normal” individual. In the memoir, the example of the social model was when Martha brings Adam to Harvard for her to finish up her year. No one acknowledged Adam being born. They wouldn’t make eye contact with him, and those who would speak with Martha did not try to make obvious that Adam looked not “normal”. Towards the end of the book, Martha states, “That was only the beginning. Just as I feared, Adam and I have experienced mockery and judgment and exclusion, and they have all been painful. It hurts every time people look at Adam and see only the deformity of their own perceptions, instead of the beauty before their eyes (Baek, 332).” Being Adam’s mother have taught Martha a lot as an individual. This example relates to the social

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