Health And Physical Education Rationale Essay

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Health and Physical Education Rationale
Health and Physical Education (HPE) is vital for all children and adolescents to achieve their potential. As one of the five key learning areas, HPE develops lifelong skills, including improved social and emotional health, physical development and cognitive growth. The health and well-being of all students are considered, as developmentally appropriate skills are practiced in a positive and safe environment. While acquiring knowledge and understanding about their personal development, HPE produces informed and critical thinking students who choose positive behaviours for their wellbeing and overall health both today and in the future.

HPE considers the well-being of all students, to foster social and
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A positive attitude to teamwork and physical health is achieved through a range of developmentally appropriate physical activities (ACARA, 2015c). Physical education is more than organised sports. HPE includes non-competitive activities in a positive and safe environment to encourage a range of movement for all students, regardless of ability. Inclusive and enjoyable physical education lessons, focusing on the development and refinement of fundamental motor skills, is an influential factor in the continuation of physical activity in adult life (Callcott, Miller & Wilson-Gahan, 2015). Students need time and encouragement to practice, refine and master these skills, to ensure continual development and enjoyment of physical activity. Through the participation of a range of physical activities, students understand and value how their body moves (ACARA, 2015c). With an emphasis on personal bests and self-improvement, students develop physical movement skills at an individualised pace. These skills and body knowledge cannot be achieved sitting in a classroom. Through acquiring movement skills in physical education students can develop lifelong participation in social physical …show more content…
This produces informed and critical thinking students, through a focus on knowledge and understanding about health literacy and personal development. Connections in the brain are developed and strengthened during physical activity as movement stimulates brain development, thus improving cognitive function in students (Kirk, Macdonald & O’Sullivan, 2006). The positive relationship between physical activity and cognitive function, the process of thinking and learning, is a double fold benefit of HPE. Using a strengths based approach, HPE improves health literacy by developing health and wellbeing knowledge, understanding and skills (ACARA, 2015b). Students develop an understanding that everybody has various personal strengths and they can make informed decisions about their own personal activity, diet and lifestyle. These decisions require higher order thinking skills developed through a critical inquiry approach in which students challenge and critique health-related sources (ACARA, 2015c). By researching factors that influence the way people live, diversity and social justice; personal assumptions are challenged. This leads to a development in the critical thinking skills of students by understanding diverse strategies and approaches. Student’s knowledge and understanding of their personal development are achieved through learning about healthy and fulfilling lifestyle choices

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