Health Analysis I Determined My Thr ( Target Heart Rate ) Using The Formula ( 220 Age X

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For this health analysis I determined my THR ( target heart rate) using the formula (220-age x .60) and (220-age x .75) ; knowing that my maximum heart rate is 201 and my resting heart rate is 80 bpm .I decided to find out both my current target heart rate as well as my goal target heart rate . I range in the 60%, which makes my target heart rate 120.6 beats per minute. My goal is to be able to reach 75% up to 90% which will then make my goal range 150.75 - 180.9 bpm. I then decided to calculate my body mass index (BMI) online which concluded to 30.2. I range between overweight and obese; a healthy body mass index will be between 18.25 and 24.9, according to WebMD. Lastly I calculated my blood pressure at a local mall. I came up as having a normal blood pressure; my systolic blood pressure being 98 and my diastolic being 52. As of my family health history and background, I have an issue with diabetes and high blood pressure. Unfortunately I have history of diabetes from both my mother and father’s side. Most of my family, especially from my father’s side are overweight and have bad food habits. Thankfully, both of my parents are considered healthy and are nowhere near to become diabetic. I also have a family history that have dealt with alcoholism. Both of my grandfathers from my mother and father’s side have become alcoholics in some point in their lives. In addition, I decided to calculate my Basel metabolic rate (BMR).…

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