Hb Sialkot Case Study

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5.1. Conclusion:
The area of the study was that whether employee’s recognition can retain employees in HBL Sialkot. And for that purpose sample of 100 employees of both genders, vary in salary, age, qualification; duration of job period and from different designation was taken from the employees of HBL Sialkot. The analysis of the results showed that organization rewards employees but some old Habibians said that they are still on the same position and are not rewarded by bank but the ratio is less. In the interview Regional chief told that they rewards employee both financially and non-financially and the results have proven that. Word of appraisal and celebration of success and event make them feel fun and happy and lessen
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HBL have organizational fairness which is a positive point in the bank and retain employees by this. Stress is associated with the retention of employees if there would be stress then employees would leave their job as working environment is friendly so stress doesn’t affect much on their jobs. But stress can decrease performance of the employees. Similarly training & development has significant relationship with the retention policy which motivate them to retain in the organization.From interview results it is concluded that when organization faces problems like retention of employees in such cases organization has to work on all HR practices which may be helpful to retain their valuable employees. Pay practices and performance appraisal and training and career development are well managed in the HBL Sialkot which retains their …show more content…
 The salary of employee need to be increased, which will not only retain the present employees but will attract employees of other organization as well.
 Organizations should identify those benefits which have more influence on employee retention. Furthermore, Organizations need to revisit their present benefits package to identify those benefits which are not useful in order to replace them.
 A training program may be established as a regular practice for provision of training and retraining opportunities for their employees. This would not only satisfy employees’ growth need but also enhance employee retention.
 A counselling system should be established regarding counselling employees for their career development, which will enhance employee loyalty with the organization.
 Promotion policies are satisfactory but management should take further steps to improve it by promoting old Habibians.
 Stress factor should be minimised by the supervision, so that will not affect employees personal and work life, which can retain employees in the

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