Challenges Of Human Resource And Employee Retention Essay

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Challenges of Human Resource and Employee Retention
Employee retention. Employee retention is a system in which workers are nurtured to stay with their employer for as long as possible or when their assignment is completed (Laddha et al., 2012). Employees are the most significant assets of the organization and therefore, to have them remain in their jobs is very advantageous for the organization as well as the employees. As a result, leadership faces great pressure not only to recruit good employees , but also to make sure they do not exit the company.
According to Belbin, Erwee, & Wiesner, (2012), retaining an experienced workforce and reducing undesirable worker turnover is a financial and service delivery tasks for establishments. It requires a huge amount of resources and commitment. The foremost element to effective and service delivery distinction is extraordinary employee retention (Belbin et al., 2012).
Employers struggle to find out why employees decide not to work for the organization anymore and the company tries to eliminate the challenges by being strategic in its hiring practice (Belbin et al., 2012). Belbin et al. (2012) proposed four evaluating distinctive strategies fundamental in addressing the challenge. There is a need for SAHC leadership to be proactive, visionary, and skillful in managing these challenges. Employee satisfaction has a major effect on employee retention. Literature shows association between leadership type and employee performance and…

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