Having My Religion And Public Engagement Internship At A Hospital

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Having my Religion and Public Engagement internship at a hospital allowed me to observe how religion and the public connect in a medical setting. When I began my internship, I was under the impression that the interactions between Pastoral Services and patients would occur at the end of the patients’ lives. I chose this internship because I wanted to see how religion influenced end of life decisions such as ending definitive care. The majority of the patient interactions occurred during daily rounds where we would enter patient rooms to check in with them to see if their needs were being met. Although my internship was different than I expected it to be, it provided me the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills that are applicable to my future career plans. The assigned readings allowed me to apply the guiding principles of the books to my internship as well as future endeavors.
My internship emphasized the importance of listening and observing when communicating with others. Observing a patient’s facial expression and body posture allows a person to see what they are saying nonverbally. This can give an indication of how the topic of the conversation is perceived and how comfortable the person is. By observing how the patient interacted with the Reverend, I was able to see how comfortable they were with his presence and the conversation. He wears a clerical collar which immediately alerts the patient of his reason for being there. Even if you enter a patient’s room…

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