Having A Workout Partner Essay

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I’ve experienced more joy in being able to lose and maintain my weight the way that I wanted to. As long as I didn’t tell anybody what I was doing, I was always able to reach my goals. I loved being able to do it without the pressure of what others would think or say about what I was doing. Most times, it was better when I focused on losing weight without even including a partner. I remember when I’d first started hearing people talk about a workout partner. During that time, I hadn’t had a workout partner since I was a child. I used to workout with my brother, Sem and my sister, Connie when we were kids. It lasted for a few months, then I had to get on my own program. I got tired of getting upset whenever we couldn’t agree on what workouts to do. I noticed that I got better workouts when I did it alone. That’s been the story of my life, with workout partners. As I became an adult, I tried working out with a partner on several occasion. I’d be excited about having a partner for about a week or two. That’s all it took for me to go from loving to have a workout partner, to hating that I had one. That …show more content…
First, they’d start slacking on the workouts. How much of a burn can you really get in talking on the phone and walking slow on a treadmill? Next, we’d split up and I’d keep working out, while my partner completely stopped working out and found a cozy corner in the gym, to continue their conversation, until I was ready to leave. After that episode, they’d show up late the following workout session, which always pissed me off! Next, I’d have a hard time getting in touch with them, which caused me to get pissed off even more. I felt like, if they knew they didn’t want to go to the gym, the least they could’ve done was told me, so I didn’t waste my time waiting for them. That always resulted in me going to the gym even later than I’d planned. That was just the

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