Hatshepsut 's Life And Life Essay

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Hatshepsut was born around 1502 BC to Thutmose I and Ahmose. Both of her parents were from a royal background, and Thutmose I was Pharaoh when she was born. Her two brothers died in accidents, which meant that she was in a position to take over the throne after her father died. This was an unusual situation because very few women had ever become pharaohs. However, Hatshepsut was favored by her parents over her brothers, and she was beautiful and had a charismatic personality. Thus, despite her being a female, she had the makings to become a queen. After the death of her father at age 12, Hatsheput married her half-brother Thutmose II, whose mother was a lesser wife — “ a common practice meant to ensure the purity of the royal bloodline (Biography, paragraph 2).” Amid the rule of Thutmose II, Hatshepsut expected the conventional part of ruler and important spouse. Thutmose II kicked the bucket following a 15-year rule, making Hatshepsut a widow before the age of 30. Hatshepsut had no children — just a little girl, Neferure — and the male beneficiary was a newborn child, destined to a courtesan named Isis. Since Thutmose III was excessively youthful, making it impossible to expect the position of royalty unaided, Hatshepsut served as his official. At first, Hatshepsut bore this part customarily until, for reasons that are vague, she guaranteed the part of pharaoh. In fact, Hatshepsut did not "usurp" the crown, as Thutmose III was never dismissed and was considered co-ruler…

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