Has The Acceptance Of Homosexuality Improved Society? Essay

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Has the acceptance of homosexuality improved in society?
The term ‘Homosexuality’ originated in the late 19th century by a German psychologist, Karoly Maria Benkert. Over the past few centuries and even more so, the past few years the idea of homosexuality has been argued repeatedly, whether homosexuality should be accepted by people or not. I will be, comparing the acceptance of homosexuality from modern times to seventy years ago, looking at countries that accept homosexuality and look at the arguments for and against homosexuality.
There was a time when homosexuality was deemed a mental disorder by psychiatric authorities, and gay sex was a crime. That time wasn’t long ago, just seventy years. Seventy years ago people thought of homosexuality as such an oddity and it was shamefully frowned upon. The federal government would not hire people who were openly gay or allow them to serve in the military. Police habitually raided gay bars. Only a handful of gay-rights organisations existed, and their membership was limited.

Over the last seventy years Homosexuality has made many headlines throughout different years. In 1948, Alfred Kinsey published Sexual Behaviour in the Human Male which stated that 4% of men identified as exclusively homosexual and 37% had enjoyed at least one homosexual experience in their lives. In 1953, Kinsey published Sexual Behaviour in the Human Female which stated that 2% of women identified as exclusively lesbian and 13% had enjoyed at least one…

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