Harold Mcallister Comes From A Lower Income Family Essays

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Harold McAllister comes from a lower income family. Lives in an African American public housing project with a big family consisting of his mom, sister, cousins, common-law husband etc. His mom cares about his activities but doesn’t push him to do anything. They are economically strained and often go day to day with living on assistance and food stamps. Essentials are scarce enough to the point where the kids have to ask before they eat something. They go without many “standards” such as dental care. Harold isn’t pushed to do much, he usually follows directives. Although this parenting approach may be normal to him, it may hinder his ability to be as successful as someone who is taught to question and create a sense of entitlement. Aside from his economic woes, I can see that this lifestyle is simplistic. He gets along well with his family and friends. He’s respectful with his family, and have strong relationships with extended family. I feel his simplistic language makes it hard for him to talk to authority figures in institutions, and this doesn’t help that his family is already distrusting of institutional authority as well.
Chapter 8 and 9
Question 1
Stacy is African American, both parents are highly educated and lives in an-upscale neighbourhood.They are surrounded by extended family that is relatively close and see them occasionally 3-4 times a year. She’s actively involved in several activities, involved in an all-black church and goes to a good school. Her parents…

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