Cooperative Learning Disabilities Essay

Learning disabilities have become a worldwide topic when it comes to learning. Learning disabilities does not care about gender, race or socioeconomic status and can affect anyone. Many people have perceptions on what a learning disability is but most are not educated enough to fully understand how the learning disability affects someone. Research was done on learning disabilities most people where thought of having a half of brain, retarded or not normal who had a learning disability. These uneducated stereotypes allowed for a misperception of many children in the United States. Learning disabilities were recognized as a negative and most people labeled with a learning disability don’t get a chance to prove their capability. The United States has over 4.6 million children with a learning disability and between 15-20% of both adults and children have …show more content…
In the article “Cooperative learning Approaches” it states that cooperative learning is the when small groups are formed in the classroom to provide support and peer review for students which helps learning. “Children with disabilities should be educated with children with non-disabilities and have greater access to general education curriculum” (SENCIBAUGH, J. M., & SENCIBAUGH, A. M., 2016, p.357). Students with learning disabilities have the same rights as students with non-disabilities to receive the best academic services. Many laws have passed which is making teacher accountable for students with learning disabilities by providing strategies and cooperative learning for these students. The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) was issued to ensure the need for improvement of academic achievement for students with poor academic standing or a learning disability while making sure teachers are required to use practices that have scientific research (SENCIBAUGH, J. M., & SENCIBAUGH, A. M., 2016,

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