Harmful Effects Of Smart Phones On Teens Essay

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Argument Essay: Harmful Health Effects of Smart Phones on Teens

In today’s world, with information overload all around us, parents need to be even more vigilant in monitoring their kids’ time on the internet. Since most teens have smart phones, there are all kinds of possible health risks that can be associated with this easily accessed technology. At their fingertips, there is a wealth of good and bad information. Smart phones can possibly affect their physical, mental, and emotional health. It is vital that children have a moral compass to help them avoid dangerous information on the internet. With the studies that have been done on cell phone use and possible health consequences, it is important for parents to stay informed of what their kids’ are up against and protect them in every way possible.
A recent article, written by George Kousaleos, who is a leader in the field of massage therapy, and a Harvard graduate, explains how using smart phones and tablets can affect our hand and neck muscles, that can cause headaches and muscle discomfort. He says, “the present upsurge in the use of smart phones and tablets that require users to flex their heads forward to work on them, creates more problems for the neck.” Most participants in a recent study experienced hand and neck pain during texting ( Kousaleos).” They held their breath, experiencing emotional arousal when receiving text messages. The funny thing is, that the participants didn’t even know these physiological…

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