Harley Davidson 's External Factors Essay

1021 Words May 30th, 2016 null Page
Opportunities Harley-Davidson’s external factors come in below the average at 2.35, which indicates they need to improve in this area to meet the average industry score. According to Essentials of Strategic Management Fifth Edition, the total weighted score is 3.0 for the average industry firm. Harley has some great opportunities that they could benefit from and expand on. By expanding their product line into other areas such offering smaller bikes, and more accessories that appeal to a diverse group of people, this would increase their customer base as new products would appeal to a more diverse customer base, such as different ethnic backgrounds, women, and younger people. History has shown that most Harley owners are from the Baby Boomer generation and are aging, thus limiting Harley’s customer base. Looking further into expanding throughout the global market, Harley would save on costs and get their brand out into more countries. Currently it is very limited in only a few countries. This would also help to intensify their demographics.
There are always things that companies cannot control, but being aware of these things can help when it comes to planning for the future. For Harley, the government can at any point change laws and regulations that could impact the sales of both bikes and merchandise. Assuring they stay on top of the news will allow Harley to plan ahead for any possible changes. This includes higher taxes, changes in helmet laws or…

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