Essay Supporting The HISD Curriculum And Development Cycle

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In order to support the HISD curriculum and development cycle the lab will be the main resource for teachers to fulfill the prescribed cycle’s curriculum. (HISD, n.d.) Technical needs and audience-specific policies must be outlined for each student group that will be utilizing the computer lab, namely elementary students in kindergarten through fifth grade, middle school students in grades six through eight, high school students in grades nine through twelve, and adult students seeking their General Education Development certificate or participating in other adult education courses. The needs of HISD teachers, administrators, and other school staff must also be taken account of in identifying the specific needs for the computer lab.
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According to the board monitoring report goals teachers and administration will need the applications to accurately analyze and report performance and effectiveness data to facilitate data-driven decision making. Additionally, manage rigorous standardized assessment procedures districtwide with the support necessary to produce valid and reliable assessment results.
Training and Policy Considerations
Similar to the breakdown of technical needs by student grade level, standard use and operational policies for the HISD computer labs will be adapted and modified by grade level to accommodate the developmental levels of students while still ensuring that all students are able to meet the standards and appropriately follow policies while working and learning in the computer lab.
In the elementary grades, students will start off having to be trained in every task and computer operation. From turning the computer on, to using a search browser. The training for these tasks have already been incorporated into the HISD curriculum. In middle school, students no longer need to be trained on the basics; what they will need to be trained on is the more specialized software and hardware depending on classes taken. So, it would be this group who would get training on the Adobe Creative Cloud platform and

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