Essay on Gun Rights Vs. Pro Gun Control

722 Words Jul 8th, 2016 3 Pages
The American people have established two very distinguishable sides when it comes to guns and gun rights. The first opinion is termed “pro-gun rights”, and the opposing deemed “pro-gun control”. These opinions are so strongly conflicting that there is rarely any middle ground. However, when we evaluate the issue further, guns are seen as a multifaceted issue and not quite as black-and-white. When compared to other countries, America shockingly has the highest rate of gun violence. Simply looking at the news shows the devastating truth about the increasing number of civilians dying of gun wounds. Thus, we see the debate of pro-gun rights vs pro-gun control spark again, creating a never ending cycle of the same arguments being repeated. However, a third opinion has emerged known as “gun-reform”. Those on the side of gun-reform are able to acknowledge as valid the classic argument that states, “guns do not kill people, people kill people”, yet simultaneously account for the very real fact that there are innocent victims suffering from these heinous crimes. The gun-reform movement avoids stepping on the toes of those in favor of the words spoken in the second amendment, yet also manages to satisfy those who wish to be rid of all guns. As individuals choose a side between gun-rights and gun-control, our nation only becomes more divided and more hateful, and the voices of the victims are silenced. The abuse of gun rights, the easy access to firearms, the hate that catalyzes…

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