Essay about Gun Possession On College Campuses

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Shootings and gun violence have become more rampant over the years, especially in college. In the United States shooting on college campuses is becoming more common. Every 15 minutes a college shooting occur. For the safety of the campus’s students and faculty, guns should be allowed on college campuses.
Most people feel safe when there is a gun near or around. People tend to feel a sense of security when they know they have something to protect them. In the article, Matthew Miller states, “Nationwide, 4.3% of college students had a working firearm at college. Of these, approximately half (47%) responded that one reason they had a gun was for protection” (Miller 59). Miller randomly selected college students to take a questionnaire about gun possession on the college campus. Severely students on campus admitted to carrying a firearm to class with them. Students who carry around firearm for protection are mostly a victim of a crime already such as sexually and physical abuse. Because of the recent campus shooting spree, students feel safer if they are able to protect themselves from any harm. As stated by Another Push to Allow Guns on Ariz. Campuses “The safety measures most commonly employed by universities were having a campus police force, video cameras, the referral system for potentially violent students, and mass text alerts” (139). The article provides some insight on firearm safety. The article discusses the recent effect that firearms have had in college. The…

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