Gun Ownership And Gun Control Essay

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I’ll spare you the witty banter and creative intro paragraph and just get to the meat of this article. Gun control. Democrats in the house have staged a sit in to raise awareness about their bills that have failed to pass. They’re hoping to do more than just raise awareness however; these dedicated Democrats want to cause such a fuss that their bills get reviewed again or that Republicans create their own version of gun ownership guidelines. The bills that got shot down were attempting to prevent certain people on a specific list from being able to purchase a firearm. The no-fly list was a proposed plan, along with preventing mentally disabled from purchasing, among others. Each of the four bills were shot down in the Senate and, as stated before, many Democrats are urging their colleagues to join them in the sit-in as protest against not getting anything done.

That was starting to feel like a report for school, so now let’s talk opinions (something your professors never want to hear). Now here’s the thing: I understand the idea of a sit-in. These people are tired of the ignorance and the lack of attention that gun control obviously needs, however, there’s something about it that screams childish to me. That might just be me, but I guess in order to get through to the child, one must play like a child.

Pausing for a second: I’m going to be real with you here, this article has been incredibly difficult to write. I find myself stuck in a circular argument of doom with no…

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