Essay about Gun Laws Can Maximize Personal Freedoms

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In this paper Vernick, et al. (2007) argues that at least 200 million handguns rest in the hands of civilians and 38 percent of them can be found in homes. He specifies through statistical data the numbers of deaths and non-fatal gunshot wounds that are caused by firearms. He also speaks on how differing policy approaches to the possession of a handgun which raises ethical issues. This speaks on how the guns are not being regulated and leaving it open for individuals that do not undergo extensive background checks and the guns are falling in the wrong hands. He raises the point that if background checks are not done sufficiently then any one could fall between the loop holes and that in itself leaves the door opens for the public’s health to be at risk.
I feel it argues that gun laws can maximize personal freedoms by regulating who is able to obtain guns. It is that by doing so it allows individuals to still protect themselves and their communities by allowing them to be in possession of a firearm. It also argues that less restrictive gun laws has a negative impact on social justice. It also refers to the second Amendment were the right of people to bear arms, shall not be infringed. That is an individual freedom within the United States and cannot be denied unless the federal law changes it. According to Vernick, et al. (2007) an armed society is a polite society meaning that society will behave better towards one another.
Polsby thinks that gun laws will not work…

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