Essay about Gun Laws And Gun Control

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Guns in America?
“Gun control means control. It means control for the government and the government starts controlling the people”(Luke Scott). America is the country of dreams and without firearms our country would turn into chaos. Gun control is a topic that can be viewed wrongly, gun control to certain extents makes sense but when a legal, mentally capable citizen is impaired of a firearm it can become a problem. Guns can be used in such ways to positively affect owners and people around them. No matter what is done guns are around and bad people will find ways to get their hands on them. Therefore, guns should not be banned in America from the legal mentally stable citizen, because guns protect from terrorists and intruders, gun bans have not worked well in other countries and it goes directly against the beliefs of the founding fathers stated by the second amendment.
When it comes down to it, guns are one of major ways to protecting the house and the public. Going to bed every night with that extra security of a firearm at bedside is something that no one should be stripped of. Firearms alone are incapable of firing without someone pulling the trigger. In a home environment the gun can be one of the best ways to protect from potential burglars or intruders(Wright). Statistically one might say that guns cause more harm in a household. This is where owners need to be more cautious, a gun accessible by a child is just asking for trouble to happen. Gun owners need to make…

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