Gun Control : The United States Essay

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Gun Control

Amber N. Arnold

American Politics 210
Dr. Rob Mellen

Gun Control 1 The Second Amendment to the United States recites that citizens have the right to possess and bear arms. The constitution was signed on September 17, 1789 and federalists declared that the new government would only have a finite amount of power delegated to it. This was not enough for the anti-federalists which included George Mason, who wanted absolute guarantees to particular rights in order to avoid any possible encroachment by the Federal government. One of the rights in the particular is the right to bear arms (Martinell, 2014). Having just broken away from Great Britain, the Founding Fathers understood that the new federal government they were ratifying could likely one day become just as tyrannical. The idea was if the authority had the ability to control citizen access to firearms, then it could also disarm them which is what the British attempted to do. The Second Amendment was specifically placed in the Bill of Rights to restrict this from happening (Martinell, 2014). However, much debate about the possession of guns and gun control laws has occurred recently over the past few years. The debates have come about due to tragedies involving gun violence that have happened such as the Sandy Hook shootings and the San Bernardino…

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